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Walking person with a unilateral leg amputation and is wearing a steptics sports prosthesis

made in germany. accessible for everyone.


We provide access to affordable foot prostheses for people worldwide.

A person with a unilateral leg amputation sitting in a chair and wearing a prosthetic leg


Inefficient processes don’t solve a mass problem.

Quality prostheses are needed all over the world. Unfortunately, manual and complex manufacturing processes increase the production costs, making them unaffordable for most amputees.

Person with a unilateral leg amputation wearing a running blade and bending down to fix shoe laces


Maximum mobility. Accessible for everyone.

We solve the conflict between high quality and affordable prices to provide access to fiber-reinforced prostheses for everyone. Only they can provide real walking behavior and thus a way back to maximum individual mobility.

Several carbon fiber tubes stacked on top of each other


Patented steptics technologies. Efficiency from the automotive industry.

Highly automated production technologies from the automotive industry enable us to manufacture fibre-reinforced prostheses on an industrial scale, with the highest quality at affordable prices.

Closeup shot of carbon fibers


Maximizing mobility through advanced composites.

For us, high-performance prostheses go hand in hand with continuous fiber-reinforced materials. The lightweight and high energy return properties of these materials make them an excellent option in prosthetic design, ensuring high quality and durability.


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