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The world's most affordable high-tech prosthesis

Nahaufnahme von Carbonfasern

steptics uses an automated and industrialized production process to drastically reduce the manufacturing costs of high-performance foot prostheses, making them accessible to amputees worldwide.

Our running blade


A slim and robust design.

Our adapter is specifically designed to fit the running blade, keeping your prosthesis as light as possible while providing optimal support with every step. The use of high-quality stainless steel allows you to exercise in the harshest conditions – without sacrificing performance.


Mass customization.

We manufacture your sports prosthesis using our patented and highly automated process. This innovative technology gives you the highest quality at an affordable price. At the same time, we can take your individual needs into account and provide maximum energy return with minimum weight. The C-shape offers you comfort and athleticism, whatever your level may be.


From raw materials to the finished prosthesis.

In contrast to conventional manufacturing methods, our running blades are made using raw materials without the need for complex intermediates. As a result, we utilize the full potential of the composite material and have a direct impact on the final properties of our prostheses, ensuring the highest level of running performance for you.


Safety on any surface.

Developed with experts from the athletic footwear industry, our sports sole is not only a real eye-catcher but also provides grip in any situation. The raised sidewalls protect your prosthesis from unwanted impact, and you can fully focus on your sport.

Technical specifications

Built height
280 mm

Max. body weight
120 kg

Total weight
645 g


3 steps to your discount voucher

Step 1
Configure your blade

– Choose your activity level:

High = You already have experience of walking with a sports prosthesis.
Low = steptics sports is your first running blade.

– Enter your weight:

Your weight and activity level are the parameters for the individual stiffness of your prosthesis.

Step 2
Choose your sole

You can choose to configure your running blade with or without a sole.

Step 3
Secure your discount voucher

Complete the configuration and secure your discount code – no obligation!

steptics sports

steptics sports

The creation of your individual running blade

Hintereinander angereihte steptics Laufprothesen bzw. deren Rohlinge

Mass production at the beginning.

In the first step, highly automated technologies are used to manufacture consistently high-quality blanks on an industrial scale.


Configuration with your parameters.

In the next step, our specifically designed artificial intelligence calculates the optimal geometry based on your individual parameters.


Customization at the end.

In the final step, the blanks are customized to your individual needs.

Our promise for every running blade

steptics prothesenhersteller

Individualized properties


Continuous fiber-reinforced foot prostheses

steptics prothesenhersteller

> 90% energy return

steptics prothesenhersteller

Automated and industrialized production

steptics prothesenhersteller

Developed and manufactured in Germany

steptics prothesenhersteller

Accessible for everyone

We are ISO 13485 certified.

ISO 13485 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management systems in the medical device industry and demonstrates our commitment to providing products and services that meet the highest standards.

Open certificate


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