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Strascheg Award 2020: The ideas competition chooses its winners

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On October 20, the winners of the Strascheg Award 2020, the ideas competition for students, alumni, professors, and employees of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, were presented with their prizes as part of the International Digital E’ship Day. The Strascheg Award is sponsored by the Renate & Falk Strascheg Foundation.

The winners of the Strascheg Award can look forward to prize money of over 30,000 euros. In each of the three categories, the first to third-placed idea receives 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 euros respectively. In addition, the “Best Pitch Award” audience prize with prize money of 500 euros was presented as a highlight.

For many, taking part in the Strascheg Award is just the first step. Because all participants have the opportunity to have a personal consultation and qualified feedback on their business idea with the start-up advisors from the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE). They can also apply for the support program for prospective founders, the Startup Certificate.

Winners of the Strascheg Award 2020

Category 1 – Best business idea from a seminar:

1st place (5,000 € prize money)

The ORIBOX is a versatile reusable box for all households that can be stowed away in any bag, no matter how small, in no time at all thanks to an origami folding technology.

2nd place (3,000 € prize money)

AIMIS-FYT is developing a new additive manufacturing process for orbit to increase the efficiency of satellites while reducing unit costs for manufacturers and distributors of small to micro satellites and satellite constellations.

3rd place (2,000 € prize money)

Aephus offers a stand-alone, body-worn fall detection device with a modern design and optimum user-friendliness that appeals particularly to users who are put off by existing products due to various barriers like complicated technology, price and visual appearance.

Category 2 – Best business idea during studies:

1st place (5,000 € prize money)

MCARE is the digital companion to offer psychological support to breast cancer patients from the moment of a diagnosis.

2nd place (3,000 € prize money)

STEPTICS uses an automated process to produce fiber composite components to manufacture high-performance carbon prostheses at a low cost, enabling amputees worldwide to receive adequate healthcare.

3rd place (2,000 € prize money)

Meetastic is the digital leisure assistant that allows users to organize all appointments and leisure activities in a group without stress, via app or web, so that they have more time for friends, family and social activities.

Category 3 – Best business idea from science and practical experience:

1st place (5,000 € prize money)

Puray offers self-sterilizing catheter solutions for high-risk patients in intensive care units to minimize the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

2nd place (3,000 € prize money)

Lilo⁺ is the walking aid for elderly senior citizens in the digital world. Lilo⁺ can do everything a smartphone can do and is as easy to operate as a light switch.

3rd place (2,000 € prize money)

HEALYXZ develops electronic heat/cold patches to relieve intramuscular pain for people suffering from back pain caused by tension.

The “Best Pitch Award”, worth 500 euros, went to OTHero, which aims to give people the opportunity to use new technologies that where inaccessible so far, thus providing better orthopedic care for patients.


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